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Peace of Mind

My name is Stan Fit and I own and operate a professional property service business with my wife Magdalena in the North West Valley, we pride ourselves in building long-term relationships and maintaining trust with all of our clients. My wife and I moved to Arizona in 2004. In 2009, we settled in North Peoria Area. We have been home owners and have had several investment properties over the years which we managed. We both come from families that have owned and operated their own businesses so we understand how to cater to our clients who put trust into our hands.  I have over 19 years of experience in all types of property maintenance and repair including operating and maintaining a family owned 45 room motel property in Colorado. As a home re-modeler, a landlord, a property manager, performing residential and commercial maintenance and repairs, such as painting, plumbing and electrical work, I have experience in all areas and can spot minor issues very quickly before they can become catastrophic for any property, I am also certified in home inspections. My wife Magdalena is a licensed real estate broker and has a BBA in management and marketing. I have partnered with her in this business venture. We believe in the little things that make us unique from, providing a written confirmation; to contacting you after the job is complete to ensure that you are fully satisfied. If you want a trusted partner for your property home watch and repair needs, Give us a call!!!